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Brush Wolf Madness

The coyote, Canis Latrans - barking dog,  is a crafty and resilient predator.  Coyotes are called brush wolf, prairie wolf, barking dog, small wolf, yotes, and coys.  Even if you choose to ignore their presence, coyotes are gaining numbers in South East Georgia!

Georgia Swamp Coyotes

Deer season of 2009 was my first introduction to coyotes.  A pair of South Georgia Coyotes was spotted running through a river swamp.  The young male coyote suffered a sudden attack of  “hot lead” and quickly took a dirt nap.  The female was gone in a flash.  Their stealth and speed earned admiration and they left quite an impression.

Cat Killing Coyotes

The second encounter was through the disappearance of two tom cats.  Prince and Tom were large healthy cats, and they both disappeared on the same night (December 24, 2009).  The next day a South Georgia coyote was seen running through the neighborhood around noon time.  The cats never returned and it was my duty to inform my children.  The new coyote impression was one of curiosity for the vicious predators who killed the two cats.

Territorial Coyotes

The next encounters were while deer hunting in 2010.  Have you ever had a gut feeling that something was watching you?   This happened twice.   One time was while walking down the edge of a creek before daylight.  A cold chill announced the presence of a large pack of coyotes.  A quick scan with a flashlight revealed coyotes, and they were close.  I think it was a combination of things that brought them close.  The river walk put me downwind, scent blocker camouflage  clothing was used, doe in heat scent blocker was used, and it was a new moon.  The next time was an awareness that something was following me through some pine trees.  It bolted when a flashlight was used.   After hunting, territorial markings were found on a road.

Hunting Coyotes

I consider myself a reasonable person, but the coyotes in South Georgia have become downright pushy.  Coyotes make daylight appearances through city neighborhoods, coyotes stalk deer hunters, coyotes invade deer hunting land, coyotes kill pets, coyotes kill calves, coyotes kill white tail deer, coyotes kill turkeys, coyotes kill quail, coyote kill rabbits and now it is time to start killing come coyotes.  If you are reading this because you have been drawn into predator hunting, feel free to examine this site, take some valuable advice, study our equipment testing, look at some coyote pictures, view some coyote videos, and entertain yourself with this site.


We maniacally interrupt your hunting stupor for this massive injection of Bush Wolf Madness!
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